November 05, 2013

Really embarrassing!!! & I start EASYTONE exercise!

Hello, please listen to my fault.
I had set the my blog 'Adult'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wanna improve my English as through the blog about the vintage fashion I love!
I had left comments some girls I liked their outfit, but if they came my blog, they had the warning message like 'this blog is the adult' or something...
Now I restart NON Adult blog:) Fuuuu.

Stole:Far snood by Michel Mickel Kors
Sweater:titivate (Japanese internet  shop)
Pants:GAP jeans
Shoes:EASYTONE by Reebok
I started the 30min walk with EASYTONE from yesterday!
I wanna try to  walk 30min on my way to home on weekday.
Can I change my leg line?

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