March 30, 2014


Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
How are you doing on weekend?

This is the quick shoot my outfit on last Friday.
I had the party with my colleagues and boss, so I chose chic style with long pearl necklace.
I didn't have a time to take pics for details.
UNIQLO white shirts, GAP black cotton turtleneck, 164 black long jacket,
ZARA black trousers, GUCCI black heels and long pearl necklace


March 27, 2014

White girly look♡

Hello from Kyoto, Japan!
How are you fashion lovers!
I can see WHITE! WHITE! WHITE! in all of Japanese magazines as SS2014 look.
Great and lovely season is coming to me! I love white look! (also love PINK♡)

I try to wear white cotton sweater X white lace short pants:)
ZARA sweater(SS2014), 167 lace short pants, Banana R. shoulder bag, LEA STAN brooch and glasses


March 17, 2014

PINK & WHITE GIRL in the forest.

Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
How's your weekend?
Yesterday I joined the activity for Environmental conversation in the forest. 
Bottega Veneta Gray Rain Boots, GAP White denim
Strawberry pink down JK, UNIQLO plaid shirts
Brought pinecone to HOME:)

March 13, 2014


ZARA blue JK, UNIQLO white top, NEW white lace half pants, Chloe pink BAG
Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
How are you fashion lovers doing?

Finally...I was in the SPRING today! Yeah!!
I don't need winter coat anymore! Actually I got sick to wear the coat or fur jacket...I don't have so many coat...stop thinking coat, I will bring all coats to the laundry:))

I was wearing...WHITE and BLUE, THE SPRING!
Shoes? I had rain today, I'm drying rain boots now. 


March 12, 2014

Blue fur poncho,,,but I'm freezing;((

Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?? I visited The Kodaiji Temple to see special openings(it is not ordinarily open to the public) with my husband.
We couldn't take pictures inside as rules, taking pics only outside of temple and gardens.

Why was I  freezing? See my outfit! We had still snow......
But no one knew that I was in the too cold. It looked warm, don't you think?
BUT but but, blue knit poncho was not so thick...cold wind went though my body...wuuuuu;(
Enjoy my pics!


March 09, 2014

Blue & Black & Border

Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
How are you doing?

These are my Friday's outfit. I tried to wear the early spring style.


March 06, 2014

The sweat pants.

Hello, from Kyoto Japan!
Here is still in the cold, everyone cannot take off their coat yet.(me too.) But but but!!! I don't need the winter any more, I'd like to feel spring wheather like last weekend! (My weekend styling, here:)) Today I try to wear the sweat pants I bought for spring styling. I've been looking for my type for long time, finally I found on online shop!


March 03, 2014


Hello, from Kyoto Japan!
Long time know see my fashion lovers! I miss you so much! I hope you have happy Monday:) 
My weekend, I visited "Suntory whisky factory" with my hubby and friends!
They have factory tour every week, it's  like a winery tour. Now they have special event after the tour, we joined it! That's a whisky and chocolate marriage, sounds good?;)

I was wearing all white style, I added petit ferragamo bow bag and plaid big stolle.
I felt the spring whether:)

Hubby's bag
Change my hair style.