February 24, 2014

THE Pearls Power♥︎

Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
How are you doing? Happy Monday!
I am Pearls Lover like a COCO.
My favorite magazine FIGARO japan focuses on Coco, I was inspired from that.


February 23, 2014


From my mother♥︎
Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
How's your weekend?
Here's still winter...but I wanted to take off the coat, so I decided to wear big sweater and big stole with a cameo. Cameo made the style chic and classic. Don't you think?


February 21, 2014

Which best one would you bring to Desert island?

Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
Happy Friday to you!
Many years ago, on the TV, a fashion model had been asked if she bring the cosmetic to desert island which one she chose.
She answered "eye-brow pencil" without hesitate. She said that eye brow was the center of the face, and it could make every look like a cute face, cool face...etc. In here We have the eye-brow tattoo, yes I had done that 6 or 7 years ago! It was sooooo hard for me. Salon staff played Hip-hop music for me to take me easy:))

Anyway, Which one cosmetic do you chose to bring to the island??

Hmmmm, I will bring 'Dior Lip Maximizer';))

February 18, 2014


ZARA white sweater with LIA STAN, ZARA black trousers, GUCCI Black heels, YSL Black clutch
Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
How are you doing?
Those pics are my weekend style.
Just relax...
we had meeting of our new home furniture and lightings with our interior coordinator
. It was soooooooooo excited but tired for me..;)


February 15, 2014


Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
Hey guys!!!! We(Japan) had terrible snowing on the Friday!!!
Look the above pics. I was just freeze.;(
But I was excited because I've ever seen such a snowy view long long time ago. (I live in Kyoto since I was born:)) I wanted to make a snowman, lol;) 

I don't want to stay home!! Today I'm wearing the style that inspired Mens shirts trend in 2014S/S(from JP magazine). Oh I don't forget I'm still in the winter. I'm also wearing the vintage mink fur shoal;) And of course I'm wearing UNIQLO heat-tech under the shirts!
This shirt, I didn't buy for new trend, which is husband's, I've never seen he's wore it, so I stolen his closet;) hehehe!!!
He's one of follower my blog...give me shirt?!


February 13, 2014

♥︎ P I N K ♥︎

Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
How are you doing? Hope you happy Thursday:)
Today I'd like to show you another ZARA pants that become petit price!
(It's one year since the last me, shopping in ZARA?! Hahaha...)
Don't you think that is the vivid and bright pink color?
I'm wearing ZARA pink trousers, Sergio Rossi grey heels, NATURAL FIT down jacket and UNICLO grey sweater. 
(Actually I really wanted to wear another style, why didn't I do that? THE COLD!!!
I took only the pics,  please check those.;)))

PINK LIP and PINK trousers! (Processed the picture.)
This is the real color! Pretty PINK!
From here, my ideal combo!
Big(Bell?) sleeve sweater and black wool poncho coat with PINK trousers.  


February 12, 2014

BLACK minimal style with flowered

Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
How are you doing? Today is the day for starting my work! I mean I had 4 days off:) yeah!

I'd like to show you my ZARA shopping!
The last post(click here), that was the new collection, today's one was during a  sale! I'm lucky to get it! This looks elegant and stylish, wearing very cozy!;) 
If you have a chance, try it!

Today I'm wearing UNIQLO black turtleneck, ZARA black flowered pants, GUCCI black heels, BNY black bag and GOA black leather JK.



February 10, 2014

“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” —Coco Chanel

Hello, from Kyoto Japan. How are you doing?
My husband found and sent me the interesting page.
And I picked one sentence up to the title in that page.
I love Coco, I've read her life and style books and watched the movie, she's the fashion, yes.
Another my favorite is the below. This is the very for us.

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

If you are interested in that page, you can read more, HERE!
Today I was wearing...I had only instant pics, I forgot to take pics because I devoted to shopping.:))
ZARA, one of my new comer I told the last post.


Oh...I'd like you to know one more sentence by Karl Lagerfeld...OMG! I've just bought it on online shop! Will I loose control my life?!?!;)
"Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants." —Karl Lagerfel