April 22, 2014

April 17th.

April 17th, which is the day of our wedding ceremony. 
We celebrate that day every year! And in this year, tonight, my husband cooked special dinner for our special day:) It's so sweet and LOVE
Don't you think?
And I'd love to say he's genius!
Look at his dishes!!!

See you on the MIHOTOINETTE!

Denim & Plaid pattern

UNIQLO denim shirts(NEW), ZARA cotton knit(2014 SS) with LIA STAN,
ARROWS pants(old),  Sergio Rossi heels(always), NO NAME blue bag(NEW)
Hello, from Kyoto, Japan!
How's your Monday? Hope you have happy starting to new week!
Here's the quick shoot of my outfit.
In the morning and night I still feel cold, so I still wear the cotton knit sweater.
My favorite in 2014 S/S is this ZARA sweater:)

See you on the MIHOTOINETTE!

April 19, 2014


Hello, from Kyoto Japan!
Hope you enjoy fashion as usual!
Finally I got the new BLUE bag at online store!! 
I was looking forward to bring it for long time. I decided the color was the BLUE. I didn't  know why I adored the blue color so much, but it just my inspiration for spring;)
A few days ago, I fitted my new blue babe with gray color outfit! That day was felt little cold, so I wore gray tights.
See you on the MIHOTOINETTE!

April 15, 2014

The very seasonal dinner!

Hello, from Kyoto, Japan.
How's your weekday?
Today I'd love to show you 'the very Japanese seasonal dishes'! I went to dinner with my husband and his mother to eat the bamboo shoot at lovely and classical Japanese restaurant;) 
Check my pics, these are the some dishes of full-course in only spring season! 
UNIQLO stripe shirts, GAP cotton turtle-neck, ZARA pink trousers, SERGIO ROSSI gray heels, Long pearl necrace  

We feel the spring when bamboo shoot shows up on the grocery stores! 
Do you have the spring food in your country?

See you on the MIHOTOINETTE!

April 05, 2014

Bloom! Bloom! Bloom!!!

UNIQLO sweat top, ZARA shirts, GAP jeans, BR bag
Hello, from Kyoto, Japan!
Hope you have lovely weekend:)
Me? I had the evening date on Thursday to see blooming of cherry blossom with my husband!!! 
See the pics with beers, snacks and cherry blossoms, aren't they lovely combo?!?! hehehe;))

I chose all white top and bottom, and red shoes for accent. How do you think?
Was my outfit matching for the pink cherry blossoms?

TOTALITE from Italy RED shoes
Love Beer♥︎ Oliver Goldsmith glasses 

April 02, 2014


goa black leather JK, 167 jersey knit mini OP,
gray legginess, Sergio Rossi suede heels
Hello, from Kyoto, Japan!
How's your Wednesday? Hope you have a lovely fashion horic day us usual;)

Spring is coming.
And suddenly hay fever is also coming & attacking to me, that's the why I can't show my face clearly;( Poor my eyes...around the eyes were rough to the touch😭
I've never had such trouble on my face, I have no idea what I do...I just could go clinic and apply the ointment....
By the way, These are the pics of today's my outfit, I'm in the grayish.
Brooch♥︎ from antique beads

Banana Republic BAG