November 27, 2013

Look Pretty & Look Gourgeous

Hello everyone!
Here is the strong rain in the evening. Suddenly I heard the big noise from outside,
I opened the curtains, there were heavy rain!!!
I don't dislike the rainy day because I can wear my favorite BOTTEGA rain boots.
But heavy rain is different! It was scared me.

Anyway I wanna share my outfit yesterday and today.
Yesterday's outfit was looking pretty.I met the lovely sweater with pink ribbon +Gap , you know I love pink! Pink...yes I remembered I have the pink bag from my husband for my birthday 3 years ago. I brought it yeasterday and today.
I really really wanted to get it, so I was soooo glad he gave me:) I'd promised him to bring everyday at that time...
But I've not brought it for a few month as it is heavy for me to use everyday's bag.
(It's secret my husband...hahaha, actually he knew it...)
Today's outfit was looking gourgeous. I love to wear the gougeous styling in winter. 
I'm able to wear Fur, Cashmere and volume outer...only winter season, right?


This is the bag from husband:)

Yesteday, I was wearing...
Swaeter with pink ribbon:GAP
Down coat my love:Natural fit
And I was wearing today...
Fur stole:Mickael Mickael Kors
Shoes:Sergio rossi


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