January 31, 2014

Qu'ils mangent de la chocolat?! (Let us eat chocolate?!)

I ♥︎ Orangettes by patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris 
Hello, from Kyoto Japan, happy happy Friday!
Let's enjoy weekend! Yeah:)
Why am I excited? SALON DU CHOCOLAT has started form this Wednesday in here!!
This is the Chocolate festival for Valentines day, we have it every year. You don't know how much I love this event. Actually I can buy chocolates of around the world even if it's not the event, if I visit there shop. But all they're in the same space! Chocolateries are also coming here.
Of course, I already got some chocolates, share my favorites.
My best is the above one forever, I've never stop to eat these, so fabulous.....MUST BUY for me.
This is the another by patisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris, "BON BON CHOCOLAT Grand Cre", getting 5 stars

Love MAZET, I collect the can box:)
 This is the first coming to Kyoto. "PRASLINE ROCKFALL"

Qu'ils mangent de la chocolat!

Hope you enjoy chocolate & LOVE♥︎

January 30, 2014

What's your favorite umbrella?

Umbrella:Ralphlauren, colorful stripes, Rain boots:Bottega Veneta
Hello, from Kyoto Japan, how are you doing? Hope you have happy Thursday:) 
Here is rainy day, so today, I'd like to show you my favorite umbrellas.
yes, my most favorite is in the above pic!!
I have the rule to buy my umbrellas, I've never had one coloring and dark color or tone umbrella. I must buy colorful, pretty pattern and bright color to make me happy in the dark rainy day. 
Do you have the rule for gloomy rainy day to makes you happier?

1. Ralphlauren, colorful stripes

2. Celine, beautiful blue, paneled color, folding type

3. Fragonard, Paris, pretty print, folding type

Celine one is very NEW, I will use rainy season(June to July) in Japan. I can't wait to bring it!

Have a lovely rainy day!

January 28, 2014


Hello, from Kyoto JAPAN, how are you doing?
Today I'd like to show you my clutch bag with lips, made from linen and leather. I got it last summer. That time I looked for the particular clutch bag for my summer look, and fell in love with this bag, because of RED and PINK lips on the bag! When I was so excited, shopgirl told me I could use it all season if I wanted to bring.
So, I'd like to try to bring it my very winter style. How do you think? 
Lips bag is matching on winter look? or NO?

Today I'm wearing BROWN fur jacket, GREY hooded sweat, BLACK short pants, Lips clutch bag and BLACK booties.


My lovely chocolate time is tomorrow! Ha-haha:))

January 27, 2014

Can't stop wearing CAMEL and BLACK!

Hello, form Kyoto JAPAN, winter come back again here(!), just 2 days, I have spent early spring time, already miss it...
I'm back to my usual pics style from the last post. Last 2 weeks I hadn't been good;( 
Now I'm fine:)

The title that's me!!! I've never stopped wearing CAMEL and BLACK outfit in winter, even if it's not hot color the season and it's boring or conservative, that's my color forever, so I love to wear that look. Do you have your non stop color every winter(or every season)?

Today, I'm wearing cashmere camel long coat, black turtleneck and black trousers. And necklace with ruby(my BD stone)  and diamonds is the point. Sometimes I fit scarf, it's for dinner style for after work.(I'd like to show you next time!)

On Wednesday, I will go to Salon de Chocolate at ISETAN(department store) with my husband. I can't wait to try to eat new chocolate that made by fab patisseries in the worldwide!!!!!
I LOVE Valentines week♥︎ 


January 25, 2014

Early Spring's coming!!

My prayer was answered? Early Spring's coming!!
Yesterday and Today, here's warm and comfortable like a early Spring. (morning and night are keeping cold.) I tried to take off my coat!

I was wearing yesterday. Knit and fur poncho, not so heavy, light like a cardigan:)

I'm wearing today. Denim skirt was customized by me:) This was from my granpa's denim pants.

January 23, 2014

Long for Spring...

Hello, I long for spring, so I chose PALE BLUE and BLACK lace pants. Yes, I showed you white ver. yesterday, these were from new designer I like. Why did I chose white? Hummm, I think it was too sweet for me, don't you think?

without coat, need some accessories...
Inspired from fashionista pics which wearing the fur vest and wool coat. I don't have fur vest but luckily I have liner with big fur for leather jacket(look here!) I often wear. Just combo!! Yeah!

January 22, 2014

♥︎Beloved WHITE♥︎

Beloved WHITE lace short pants...
Beloved plaid green vintage(my old) coat...

I love to wear the WHITE outfit in winter. This F/W, everyone loves it, too!
Very clean and clear image!

Yesterday I caught a cold, and couldn't update new post:(
I hope you take care yourself!
See you,

January 20, 2014

RETRO GIRL♥︎ in the rain

Today I was wearing a retro girl in the rain.
Grayish style, but burberry’s tartan and bottega's intrecciato were accent. 

Tomorrow, which girl am I going to be?
See you.

January 19, 2014


Saturday Lunch Party! Would you like to join us?;))

                Narumi(White 2pairs)
 bagna càuda
 Foie gras terrine
 I forgot take pic of oyster meunière..
porcini mushroom risotto 
 cakes, looks good!
 great coffee from my friends shop
 empty bottles, pretty tulips

Oh, What I wear?
I showed you before here. Click and Read it, please;)

See you tomorrow!
Have a sweet & happy dream!