November 18, 2013

LOVEEST PINK down coat;) and Color coordination...

Hello everyone!
How's your weekend?
On Friday, I had the welcome party for a new member in our section @YAKINIKU restaurant. This place is one of the chain of famous YAKINIKU restaurant in Kyoto. I enjoyed beef and Rose sparkling;) Yammy!
On Saturday, I had plan to go and see night veiw to the temple or Shrine with my husband...but we forgot to bring our camera!!! We couldn't believe it and we could only laugh...We will visit there next weekend. If we will take beautiful pictures, I wanna show you!
In this season, Kyoto, we have the special weeks we can visit temples and Shrines to watch the colored leaves and their gardens are illuminated at night. It's very beautiful!

Today's my outer was love love love pink down coat...
It make me any image I want. Check my idea!
For example, it's standard combi, 'Pink X Navy(Denim)' is not intersting but Cute & Cheerful:) How about another colors?

'Pink X Grey' @left is Cute & Cool, 'Pink X Grey with checkd' is Stylish.

'Pink X Black' is Cute & Strong,  'Pink X White' is Cute & Clean(I love this combi for winter!).

'Pink X Brown' is Sweet, 'Pink X Khaki' is Refined(Because of the skirt?!).

'Pink X Pale blue(denim)' is Cute & Young, 'Pink X Beige' is Cute & Natural, sometimes Elegant?
Thank you:)
The last picture, this denim short skirt was customized by me from old denim pants. 

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