January 08, 2014

Yesterday and Today

Hello fashion lovers!
Here is rainy day today, yes I was wearing my favorite rain boots. I show you the end of this blog and I'd like to read my rain boots story...

Yesterday I was wearing...NAVY combo with PINK bow
Jacket:my cozy winter uniform;))
Sweater with pink bow:GAP I found @outlet
Denim skirt:Michael Michael Kors
Heels:Sergio Rossi
Watch:as usual

Today I was wearing...Like a madam?!
Fur snode:Michael Mickael Kors
Coat:New designer
WHITE turtleneck:UNIQLO my basic item supporter;)
Gray with plaid short pants:Tomorrowland select shop in Japan
Head accessory-big BLACK bow:Stellar Hollywood (JP)
Where is rain boots? I took off soon when I went back home, they have to become dry.

This is my favorite favorite rain boots by BOTTEGA VENETA
I got it in Paris and I've never meet the person who is wearing it here.
I had looked for rain boots which I was fallen love for long long time. Of cause I knew HUNTER boots are very popular in worldwide but that was not my type. I needed that not colorful, not black and not casual. When I traveled Paris with my friend, I had to visit Bottega Veneta for my another looking for bag, and finally I met them!!!!! Can you imagine how I was exciting? I had to bring them to my home:)
I always look for my type without luxury or famous brand or not:) So I love to check your blog for my new item, I love your stylish outfit!! If I comment or follow your blog, please reply or follow me back:D

See you tomorrow, I try to post everyday in 2014(don't blame me I already missed...;D) for my English for my English grown up!!!


  1. These boots are very elegant. They definitely have a luxe-vibe.



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