January 06, 2014

First shrine visit of the New Year with Tartan coat!

Hello fashion lovers!
I start my first JOB today.  It's really happy Monday!!!;))
Yesterday I went to 'HATSUMODE' @Fushimiinari-taisya shrine.
In Japan, we make the first shrine (or temple) visit of the new year every year. We call it 'HATSUMODE'.
This is the Japanese old custom. What do we do?
We appreciate our everyday's happy life and pray the love and peace (sometimes passed the big test or recovering the health or something). Almost people buy the 'OMAMORI' that is the kinds of good-luck charm, and try the lottery(See the pics) which is the fortune of 2014.

I was wearing my old but favorite tartan green coat.
We had great sky;)

Entrance of Fushimiinari-taisya shrine.

Green tartan coat:INED(Japanese brand)
White denim:GAP
Silver Sneakers:Reebok 

Do you know what's this?
Answer:We wash and clean our hands before praying.

We's gonna pray...

We went up steps and... here is the very famous place!

This is the 'OMIKUJI'! My husband's hand!!
 He got his result, hmmm?! Not so bad.  

See you next year!

Have a also happy and stylish fashions in 2014! Smile!:)
Kisses, Miho 


  1. That I'd such a wonderful way to start a new year. Thanks for sharing it. I love your sneakers. They are so cute.


    1. Hi Sharon, thank you! They are my favorite, I'm glad you like them!
      This year, I'd like to try to post the Japanese tradition.

  2. Great pics! love your coat
    Thanks for following my blog, following you back :)


    1. Hi Christel, thank you! I love Plaid pattern( that's because I like #2 in your 'TOP COAT' post);)
      Keep in touch!


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