January 07, 2014

Traditional BREAKFAST with Style like a SCHOOL GIRL

Hello fashion lovers! Today we Japanese have traditional breakfast 'NANAKUSAGAYU'(see below pic.) which is like a vegetables risotto. I have not missed it.
Why we eat it?
We eat with the wish that we can spend a year with health without getting sick. This is the old tradition.
We believe in it, and every TV news reports it today.


In winter, I'm love in plaid and tartan, (in summer love in border;)) I tried the style like a school girl;)) 
How do you think?
I was wearing yesterday...today's will be posted tomorrow.
Big far leather jacket:goa(Japanese brand)
Navy cozy turtleneck:UNIQLO
Navy and Purple skirt:Burberry
Diamonds earrings and necklace:Tiffany
Watch:as always
Booties:as always

See you tomorrow!


  1. Hi, Miho: That is an interesting tradition. Do you think it is effective in keeping illness at bag? It seems similar to how American culture values chicken noodle soup for fending off colds. I love your outfit. The jacket with the fur collar adds glamour. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Sharon, that's interesting American culture.
      Actually, we eat porridge with seven(in Japanese 'NANA') herbs of spring and gave our stomach a rest at the same time. Because we had eaten too much drinking and too many food. So we keep health:)
      Thank you! I love this jacket<3

  2. Replies
    1. Wow thank you so much! I post new blog now, check it please;)


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