January 09, 2014


Hello fashion lovers!
How's your job or shool starting new year?
My first job week was passed so fast, tomorrow is Friday! And this
weekend we have 3days holiday, yeah lucky!;)) We have the traditional
event on Monday, boys and girls who 20years old have their coming-of-age
ceremony, they celebrate they become adult with their family and
friends. In Japan, we can drink alcohol and smoke since 20years old, so
they can join adult world:)
They wear 'KIMONO' especially girls are so beautiful and colorful!! We
can see anywhere that.
Anyway today I was wearing...THE LADY!

The dress is becoming large to me...I don't know why, I keep my weight;) Because of walking with EASYTONE? Actually I starter walking last November. Easytone is exercise shoes by Reebok, which is popular in Japan;) So I put turtleneck in the dress. How do you think?

The dress was crumpled...


NAVY Turtleneck:UNIQLO
BLACK Booties:BARNEYS as usual
Booteis:BARNEYS as usual

EXTRA PIC.;)) Hope everyone have happy Friday! SMILE:)

See you tomorrow!

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