January 13, 2014

Fur jacket vol.1

Hi fashion lovers! Hope you spend lovely weekend with your family, friends and lovers. 

In Japan, we have traditional holiday today.(Here's Monday!) For celebrate becoming 20years old for yang grils and boys. I've already passed so far...hahah
On the last blog, I told you I try to wear my one of fur collections today. I chose the BROWN fox fur jacket, and I coordinated with simple tee and denim, with pink bag and heels. Pink is my favorite, luckily and happy color!:) I love to wear pink! Do you have your happy color?
I was wearing...
I love this animal print lining!
BROWN fox fur jacket:bee(I don't know from where)
Light GRAY tee:James Pherse
Denim:UNIQLO(strong stretch, very cozy)
PINK heels:Luvarian? made in SPAIN
PINK bag:Chloe

See you tomorrow! Oh this is the just 50th post for me!!!

And...bonus pic.;))
My husband took it! What a funny face! LOL!!

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