December 08, 2013

One-mile wear on Sunday!

Hello fashion lovers!
How's your weekend? Here is Sunday afternoon, I wanna show you my relax, comfortable wear @home. This is from Bershka.

I met this long border dress in Spain 3years ago.
I've never seen 'Bershka' because it came to Japan on Apr., 2011.(Next year I visited Spain...) And it's coming to Kyoto my town a few weeks ago! 
Last year, in Paris, suddenly lovely girls spoke to me in French when I was just standing in front of the hotel with NO make-up! I was very surprised and asked her to talk in English. She told me 'lovely dress' and asked me where I got it. Yeah, this story is my boastful talk. hahaha;)

I'm wearing BLACK and GRAY border long dress by Bershka.

Have a relax Sunday!:) 


  1. Hi dear!
    I really really love this dress. I'm gonna check ate Bershka if I find it for me!
    Oriana xxx

    1. Hi dear, thank you soooooo much! I'm glad you love it;))

  2. the dress looks really good on you!

    LEGALLY BRUNETTE follow my blog :)

    1. Thank you Sarah;))
      I'm following you now! You also follow me!


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