December 05, 2013

BLACK Poncho! and WHITE Denim

Hello fashion lovers!
Yesterday I showed you the GREY styling.
Today I wanna show you BLACK and WHITE.

I love to wear WHITE item in winter, I think white looks whiter
in comparison with other seasons, don't you think?
By the way, how many ponchos do you have? I have the only BLACK one now, and I've had it for more 10years!! Is it call the vintage? Actually I had a few ponchos until last year. I disposed of many clothes to refresh my closet. I left only favorite items, so this poncho was left in my closet:) If you look near, you can see this is the old one, I wanna get new but I haven't met exactly my type yet. Let me know if you find lovely poncho!;)


 What am I wearing under the sweater?
Heat-tech by UNIQLO!
It's strong friend in winter season! Check it!

Poncho:More 10years ago
Sweater:TOMORROWLAND(Japanese select shop)

Good night!


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