March 12, 2014

Blue fur poncho,,,but I'm freezing;((

Hello, from Kyoto Japan.
Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?? I visited The Kodaiji Temple to see special openings(it is not ordinarily open to the public) with my husband.
We couldn't take pictures inside as rules, taking pics only outside of temple and gardens.

Why was I  freezing? See my outfit! We had still snow......
But no one knew that I was in the too cold. It looked warm, don't you think?
BUT but but, blue knit poncho was not so thick...cold wind went though my body...wuuuuu;(
Enjoy my pics!



  1. The blue poncho looks amazing on you!


  2. Oh my goodness that scenery--to die for! And love the cobalt shade. :)


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